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Why us?

My MetaTrader is the ultimate trading destination for the REAL traders. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features like full custody of your funds, median spot prices, high leverages, and transparent and decentralized execution. Let's experience the future of trading with My MetaTrader.
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  • Full control of your funds, no deposit or signup required
  • Median spot prices for fair trading, no scam-wicks
  • Trade a wide variety of assets: cryptos, forex, stocks, and indices
  • High leverages available, up to 150x on cryptos, 1000x on forex & commodities, 100x on stocks, 35x on indices and also 10x on NFT Blue-chip Price.
  • Transparent and decentralized platform with 100% on-chain execution of trades
  • Top-notch user experience, interface evolved with over 2 years of user feedback
  • Single vault for all trading pairs, 100x+ more capital efficient
  • Synthetic leverage for even more capital efficiency
My MetaTrader is a next-gen decentralized leveraged trading platform where you can trade cryptos, forex, stocks, and more. Trades are opened with mDAI collateral and leverage is backed by the mDAI vault. Our cutting-edge feature is the use of a real-time custom Chainlink decentralized oracle network (DON) to get the median spot price for each trading order, ensuring fair and accurate prices. No more order books or liquidity for each pair, just a single mDAI vault for all trading pairs listed resulting in 100x+ more capital efficiency. Trade with confidence on My MetaTrader.
It is important to note that My MetaTrader operates as a fully decentralized platform. This includes the ability to open, close, and manage your own trades, without the need for any deposit or signup process.
Additionally, it is worth emphasizing that our platform does not have the ability to open, close, or edit any aspect of your open trades without your explicit permission, either through the use of stop loss or take profit orders, or in the case of a liquidation event. This ensures that you retain full control and autonomy over your trading activities on our platform.

Our Fees Model is exceptional

  • 0.08% fee on opening and closing for all crypto trades
  • 0.008% fee on opening and closing for forex trades (coming soon)
  • Spread on the price of each pair to prevent bot exploitation
  • Price impact depends on position size and liquidity of pair
  • Funding and rollover fees to manage risk of stablecoin vault
  • Fees distributed to team, project fund, LPs, affiliates, and NFT holders in a decentralized way
Our platform operates differently from traditional leveraged trading platforms. Instead of matching buy and sell orders using an order book, we use a unique architecture that allows for "virtual" leverage. This means that the profit and loss (PnL) of trades is calculated and settled within our smart contracts against the stablecoin vault. This allows for more flexibility and control for traders, as they are not limited by the constraints of an order book. Additionally, because the leverage is "virtual," it eliminates the need for borrowing funds, which can often be a costly and risky process. Overall, this architecture allows for a more efficient and effective trading experience for our users.

My MetaTrader Risk Management

  1. 1.
    Limit of 3 open trades per trading pair per wallet (will be removed in the future)
  2. 2.
    Maximum open interest (long/short) per pair for risk management of liquidity providers
  3. 3.
    Maximum open collateral per asset class.
  4. 4.
    Winning percentage capped at 900%.