mTrader Finance

Price Feed Express

💡 Meet Our Innovative Price Feed Express!

The oracle is the backbone of mTrader and leverage DEXs, and we’ve got you covered with our innovative Price Feed Express.

💰 Core Value:

The main goal of Price Feed Express is to calculate the average price and minimize the impact of wrong oracle values.

💻 How it works:

  • Our price source calculates the average of multiple oracle nodes and 4 CEXs to get the most accurate match price.
  • If the price deviates more than 1%, an alarm will go off and the node will be excluded from the average. The price is closely monitored and in some scenarios, there may be a limited loss for the protocols.
💪 With Price Feed Express, you can have peace of mind knowing that your oracle price is under control and monitored for accuracy!
When you trade with mTrader, you’re trading with just one single vault 💰 instead of multiple vaults like other oracles.
With us, you have access to a wide range of assets including ETH, BTC and more 💸.
Last modified 1yr ago