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Welcome to the MetaTrader Airdrop Adventure! We are excited to embark on a journey with you as we gear up for the launch of My MetaTrader Leverage Trading App. As a token of appreciation for your support, we will be running multiple airdrop campaigns until launch and even after launch. This is going to be a significant and fun journey for everyone to participate in.

The allocation of the Airdrop is 5% of the total supply

To make things even more exciting, we have created special roles on our Discord channel that you can claim by completing tasks on Galxe and Crew3.
These roles represent different positions within our trading universe, and definitely be reward:
Rank 1 | Starship Commander: You're the leader of the pack and know how to navigate the markets like a pro.
Rank 2 | Future Strategist: You have a knack for predicting market movements before they happen.
Rank 3 | Quantum Analyst: You're a tech wizard and know how to optimize your trading strategies.
Rank 4 | Interstellar Broker: You're always one step ahead and know how to spot opportunities before they arise.
Rank 5 | Galaxy Trader: You're always on time and know how to make the most of every trading opportunity.
Rank 6 | Cosmic Investor: You're a master of the universe and know how to make profitable trades in any market.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to claim your role and earn rewards in the process. Join our Discord channel and start completing tasks on Galxe and Crew3 today!
Stay tuned for an abundance of exciting airdrop campaigns! Be sure to keep an eye on our Discord and Medium channels for updates and opportunities to participate.
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