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mSquire Force NFT

Purschase via Opensea:

How does mSquire Force NFT work?

👉 All limit orders, opening orders (stop-loss/take profit), and liquidation orders are combined into a trading PnL Storage.
👉 Our bots use Price Feed Express to identify the current market price
👉 If the price matches one of the orders, the bot will check and close the order, and send it to the Settlement Contract for the settlement
👉 In exchange for their hard work, the bots receive a portion of fees to keep them motivated and on top of their game


  • 💸 Enjoy discount trading fees and save more on your trades!
  • 💰 Boost your earnings with higher yields on your investments — earn more for your money!
  • 🚀 Earn fees when processing pending orders check out the docs


  • Benefits depend on NFT Tier
  • Rarity table below