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    I can't open a trade with 10 USDC - Is there a minimum position size?
  • Yes, there is a minimum total position size of 1500 USDC. This is calculated by multiplying your collateral by your chosen leverage.
  • For example, if you want to use a position size of 10 USDC, you will need to use leverage of 150x. 10 x 150 = $1500
  • Alternatively, you can use lower leverage by using higher collateral. For example, to use a leverage of 5x, you would need 300 USDC collateral. $300 x 5 = $1500
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    Why can't I trade the coin/asset I want?
  • Because it's like trying to trade a rare, mythical creature. Just because you want to doesn't mean it's available.
  • We only list coins and assets that we can guarantee will give you a smooth trading experience. Think of it like a dating app, we only list the ones that pass our standards of beauty and compatibility.
  • So if your desired coin/asset isn't listed, it's probably just not good enough for us yet. But who knows, maybe one day it'll grow up and make the cut!
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    What happens to my mUSDC collateral when I close a trade in profit/loss?
  • If you close a trade-in profit, congrats! You'll be paid out from the mUSDC vault, which acts as the main counterparty for all the trades on our platform.
  • But if you close a trade-in loss, don't worry, you'll still get the remaining portion of your collateral.
  • The part that's your loss goes to the mUSDC vault to be used to pay out other traders or to buy and burn tokens from the token pool.
  • If you're unlucky and got liquidated, all your collateral goes to the mUSDC vault. But don't worry, you can always start fresh and trade again!
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    Why did my trade disappear from trade history?
  • Don't worry, it's just taking a nap! The trade history updates every few minutes, but sometimes it takes a little longer to show up because it's waiting for 100 block confirmations. But don't worry, the team is working on making this happen instantly!
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    Why didn't my TP/SL/LIQ execute when the price hit it?
  • Sometimes there's a tiny delay between when an NFT bot executes an order and when the platform responds.
  • This means that the price might have briefly crossed into an executable range, but by the time the platform responds, it's back to a non-executable range.
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    Is it possible for me to incur debt while participating in leveraged trading on the platform?
  • No way! You can only lose the collateral you stake. So if your position gets liquidated, then you'll lose all of your collateral.
  • You can use stop losses and take profits to help make sure you close your position where you want to. Just make sure not to put up more collateral than you can afford to lose.
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    Does taking profit close my position?
  • Right now, yep! But our team is working on a new update that will allow for partial order closure. So you can take your profits and keep on trading!
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    How do I know my MetaTrader is safe?
  • MetaTrader platform is built on robust technology and the security of your account is of the utmost importance to us.
  • All trades are executed on-chain, ensuring that all transactions are transparent and can be audited.
  • Additionally, the platform and its contracts have undergone thorough security audits by reputable third-party firms to ensure their integrity and safety.
  • We also employ multiple layers of security measures to protect your account information and funds.
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    Why is price impact necessary?
  • Price impact is necessary so you can jump into a trade, even when the market is moving in a clear direction. Without it, you might miss out on the opportunity due to limits on how much you can trade. Think of it as a safety net for your FOMO (fear of missing out) so you can trade with confidence. #FOMOnoMore
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    Got a question or problem?
  • Hit us up on our Discord or Telegram, our community and mods are always down to help. Just make sure to read the chat rules first.
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