🏃‍♂️Running an mSquire NFT Bot

🤖 Our NFT bots constantly monitor asset prices and automatically execute various types of orders including

  • Limit,

  • Stop Limit

  • Take Profit

  • Stop Loss

  • Liquidation

⚡️ To run an NFT bot, you'll need to own an NFT and spend ETH and LINK to execute transactions and pay for the price oracles.

💰 You'll earn rewards for

  • liquidation orders: receiving 5% of the collateral paid in USDC.

  • For all other order types, you'll receive 0.02% of the position size (with leverage) for crypto and 0.002% for forex.

Here's how we incentivize the best behavior among our bots:

  • 40% of the reward goes to the first person who successfully triggers the order.

  • 50% is shared as block rewards among the following 10 people who execute the order within the same winning block.

  • 10% is allocated to a pool based on the number of orders you execute first.

The pool is divided into rounds of 50 orders, and when each round ends, the value of the pool is shared among the people who executed the "First in the Block" orders.

If your NFT Bot executes 3 out of the 50 orders first in the successful block, you will receive 6% of the pool value.

Running bots are great to earn additional income - Please contact us on Discord if you interest.

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