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$MMT Use Case

Here’s the lowdown on how it all works and why it’s gonna benefit you!

If it's too long, read the summary below:

  • Profit-Sharing Protocol: The #RealYield Model (opening + closing + liquidation fee)

  • Boost $MMT/ETH Liquidity on Sushiswap

  • Reduced Trading Fees by holding $MMT Token & earn portion of trading fee

  • Protocol Voting

1. Profit-Sharing Protocol: The #RealYield Model

At mTrader, we’re excited to introduce our new protocol that provides token stakers with a share of the platform’s revenue. Here’s how it works:
  • When you stake tokens, you’ll earn a portion of the USDC revenue from opening fees.
  • You’ll also receive a share of the revenue generated by closing fees, just for being a staker.
  • And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll even earn a piece of the pie from liquidation fees!

2. Boost $MMT/ETH Liquidity on Sushiswap

Yield Farming
Liquidity providers for $MMT/ETH pool can earn a portion of the trading fees generated by the pool. When new tokens are listed and traded on the pool, the trading volume spikes and liquidity providers can earn a big chunk of the APY reward.
However, liquidity providers should also be aware of the impermanent loss, which occurs when the price of the tokens in the pool changes.

3. Reduced Trading Fees by holding $MMT Token

We’re building a super cool Fee Discount Program to give our loyal hodlers some well-deserved perks. 🚀
So, here’s the deal: If you’re holding over 2,000 $MMT tokens, you get to enjoy some sweet discounts (up to 50%) on trading fees. 💰
It’s our way of saying “thanks for being awesome” and rewarding our most dedicated community members.
You’ll get all the deets when we announce it during our mainnet launch coming up at the end of February. 💪

4. Protocol Voting

  • Implementing the DAO voting system to enable the community to have a say in the future direction of the protocol — $MMT hodler will have the voice.
  • Focusing on increasing the protocol’s adoption and building partnerships
At mTrader, we highly value the opinions and thoughts of our users. To ensure that their voices are heard, we have established a DAO governance model to guide the future growth of our platform.