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mTrader Overview

Trade like never before with our next-level technology
Introducing to you My MetaTrader (mTrader), the ultimate decentralized trading platform of the future, build with AI technology.
Our revolutionary synthetic architecture maximizes liquidity and capital efficiency, allowing for ultra-low trading fees and a wide range of leverages and pairs, including up to
  • 150x on crypto
  • 1000x on forex & commodities,
  • 100x on stocks
  • 35x on indices.
  • 10x on NFT floor prices (planning)

Experience the future of trading with our cutting-edge platform.

As a decentralized platform, My MetaTrader is governed by the community, with proposals and funding allocated through a transparent and democratic process. This allows for continuous innovation and the development of new products and features, such as virtual reality trading and AI-powered trading bots.
Our token holders are also able to participate in revenue capture and governance, giving them a direct stake in the success of the platform.
Welcome to the future of trading with mTrader.

Our Team

Leading the charge in this futuristic endeavor is our dedicated team of experts, including:
  • Fab: the visionary founder, and full-stack developer spearheads strategy and development
  • Gabrielle: the full-stack developer, and manager, ensures smooth operation and execution
  • Bryan: the business developer, and connector, securing partnerships and collaborations
  • Mikey: the social media expert, spreading the word and building the community.
And many more supporters
Disclaimer: Hold on to your crypto-hats, folks! We at My MetaTrader want to remind you that investing in our platform, tokens or NFTs is a wild ride and not for the faint of heart. We can't guarantee that the value will soar like a rocket or nosedive like a lead balloon. The future is unpredictable, and the same goes for our platform's development. So, if you decide to join the My MetaTrader party, just remember to buckle up and hold on tight because it's all at your own risk.
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